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    We believe that those who do not know and protect their traditions cannot have a future. We can forget about the many technical and cultural values that are constantly evolving and are changing in living conditions. Our traditions must be adapted to today’s conditions and be sustainable. For us, the most accurate method of this is to express our respect to the soil at every opportunity and to share this deep respect we feel with our guests. We modestly interpret our culture and cuisine from Tradition to the future.

    We learned the flavor from our traditions, we learned to recognize the flavor thanks to our traditions. Due to today’s conditions, we believe that our future will be lost if we do nothing while our traditions are lost one by one. In this context, we should redefine our traditions according to today’s conditions and transfer them to the new generations in the most accurate language. Your taste perception determines your limits. You can’t go any further. Even if you pass, something else will happen. It is not your traditions.


    As Pearls Of Anatolian Cuisine, we consider ourselves timeless. Walking on our way regardless of time; On the one hand, it gives us the opportunity to learn from our past, but it is still giving us the possibility to constantly renew and improve ourselves. When we say our past, we are talking about our traditions and lost cultures.
    We believe that it is our duty to protect our past for the future and for new generations. With this belief, we feel that we are the bridge between the past and the future, and by combining our old dishes with different world techniques in a way to be accepted in the future, we take and present them to a level that every culture can be accepted.
    Anatolian Cuisine is more than just a kitchen, it is a communication tool. With this feeling and thoughts, we want to tell this experience and our story in the most sincere way by making us feel the endless generosity and sincerity of Anatolia in the most sincere way, with the idea of transferring all these sincere feelings to new generations and becoming a role model. Just as the foundation of



    It is the junction point of Anatolia, Asia and Europe with its nearly ten thousand years of uninterrupted life, unique geography, fertile lands; Seljuk and Ottoman Turkish Republic was born with the soils. Anatolian Cuisine, Central Anatolia
    inherited from the Hittites to the present day, Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia, where the mystical flavors of the east have reached the peak, the top of the dishes in the cultural geography formed by well as Aegean and Mediterranean. It is presented from a lath. Anatolian cuisine, in its fascinating depth; It is a great treasure waiting to be discovered with its thousands of years of flavors that open your eyes and hearts. Ceremonial dishes, which we still see the traces of in Anatolia, also confirm that food in these lands is a way of life rather than just a process for feeding the snow. It is not possible today to be able to talk about a standard in Anatolian cuisines when we act with the fact that many dishes in Anatolia are brought up within the framework of impossibilities and unfortunately they remain within the scope of oral history. It is highly probable that there are about four thousand prescriptions known on the territory we call seven regions. Even if variations are mentioned for some of these dishes, it will be possible to talk about a wide variety of cuisines with basically separate ingredients and different cooking techniques. The flavor starts with getting to know the lands where the products that compose it are grown in its simplest form, and ends up with storage delicacies, cooking methods, the presentation of the food on the plate and the table set up for that food. If told correctly, every flavor is a true story. Every value of the country you live in belongs to you. Just be aware. Now rising and rising value; I have no doubt that it is Anatolian Cuisine, which is highly developed in terms of flavor, taste and variety



    Kitchen is life itself in Anatolia. Here is Taste Of
    Anatolia, the most delicious example of how this
    passion turns into culinary art. The biggest passion of
    Taste Of Anatolia, which was shown by The Daily Meal
    in the list of the best airport restaurants in the world in
    2013, is to protect the cultural heritage of Anatolian
    cuisine, to live its unique tastes for generations and to
    strengthen the reputation among its customers with
    the taste of its customers from past to present. Muhsin
    Ertürk is the conductor of the kitchen orchestra that
    makes this thought and mission happen within the
    concept Taste Of Anatolia. Born in 1984 in Toka
    Muhsin Ertürk continued his career in various hotel
    chains after graduating from Tokat Anatolian Hotel
    Management and Tourism Vocational High School. In 2006, he became an Executive Chef at Ankara Fish Garden Restaurant. Ertürk made its first rise in 2009 with the concept of “Modern Turkish Cuisine” created in İstinye Meyyali Restaurant. Ertürk, who started working at BTA in 2010, still continues to
    work as the central kitchen chef of Taste Of Anatolia brands. Taste Of Anatolia is the starting point for Chef Ertürk; The cradle of many civilizations is always remembered for its unique dishes, which are smoked in every quarry of Anatolia. In this context, Ertürk has reinforced his belief by gathering more than 500 traditional food recipes from Anatolia since the first day he started the Taste Of Anatolia project, which is an extraordinary concept under the umbrella of BTA. He ensured that each local dish served was cooked in the season, sticking to the original recipe. It brought together over 600 local products to support local producers, bringing them together for everyone to seek genuine
    delicacies without any effort. Forgetting is losing.
    To lose the smell of tomato, the core of watermelon, the flavor of potato. However, you should remember that you can distinguish, you can choose. You must remember that you can be free. Chef Muhsin Ertürk is also meeting you with the Anatolian Cuisine, the first book of the Pearls of Anatolian Cuisine, to carry the Anatolian cuisines cultural heritage from generation to generation. You are hopeful when you speak the right mouths who have trained
    themselves in the kitchen, have proven them, and have grasped both the theoretical and the practice of the kitchen. Now, when it comes to the chef, you should not only think about cooking, but also decision makers for the future of the kitchen.



    In Pearls Of Anatolian Cuisine, we offer tastes we have designed to remind our traditions that have disappeared because they are not consumed. In each of these flavors, you will find a piece of your life or have an idea about what these lands offer us. We work hard to make every ingredient an honest, real meal, knowing its source. We invite you to Pearls Of Anatolian Cuisine to share this endeavor with you, the best, the honest and the truth in its most delicious form.

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