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Untıl I dıscovered cookıng I was never really ınterested ın anythıng

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As Pearls Of Anatolian Cuisine, we consider ourselves timeless. Walking on our way regardless of time; On the one hand, it gives us the opportunity to learn from our past, but it is still giving us the possibility to constantly renew and improve ourselves. When we say our past, we are talking about our traditions and lost cultures. We believe that it is our duty to protect our past for the future and for new generations. With this belief, we feel that we are the bridge between the past and the future, and by combining our old dishes with different world techniques in a way to be accepted in the future, we take and present them to a level that every culture can be accepted.
Anatolian Cuisine is more than just a kitchen, it is a communication tool. With this feeling and thoughts, we want to tell this experience and our story in the most sincere way by making us feel the endless generosity and sincerity of Anatolia in the most sincere way, with the idea of transferring all these sincere feelings to new generations and becoming a role model. Just as the foundation of everything is soil, we must not forget that the foundations of our kitchen are also soil



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